NEMA 4 Drive package

VSDP-4 NEMA 4 Variable Speed Drive Package

Product Description

UL Listed NEMA 4 Variable Speed Drive Panel

Motor Controls VSD Nema 4 series of a package variable speed drive panel using the Danfoss VLT Aqua drive. ®
The VSD series panel comes standard enclosed in a NEMA 4 UL listed enclosure with Heat Guard finish that eliminates the need for additional cooling methods.

A heavy duty flanged disconnect switch is provided to eliminate door closure issues with rotary type through the door disconnects.
Danfoss VLT Aqua drive ® provides many outstanding features for control of pumps for center pivots, transfer, tank fill and other pressure and level control applications.

Extended warranties for the Danfoss Aqua Drive is available up to 6 years. The warranty provides coverage of accidental damage including lightning strikes.



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NEMA 4 Drive package


  • NEMA type 4 UL carbon steel enclosure w/Heat Guard solar white powder coat finish, full foam in place gasket, hinged door and keypad sun shield that includes provision for padlocks
  • 122 °F(50°C) outside temperature, non direct sunlight
  • Heavy duty flange fusible or circuit breaker disconnect switch
  • High Speed J Class Drive Fuses for Type 2 Protection
  • UL Type 1 Surge Arrestor w/status indication
  • Danfoss VLT Aqua Single Phase drive.® w/
    • Dual 3 ½% DC Link Reactors
    • 1000 Ft Motor Cable length without reactor
    • Constant Pressure with Variable Flow
    • Well Draw Down & Pump Off Control
    • Operate Pump at BEP
    • Empty Pipe Fill Mode
    • Dry Pump Detection
    • Automatic Energy Optimization
    • End of Pump CurveDetection
    • Multiple Pivots
    • Remote Connectivity