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PWP Series NEMA 3R Pump Panel

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PWP Series NEMA 3R Pump Panel

Product Description

Reduce Inrush Current When Starting Pumps

Motor Controls PWP series starter consists of two across-the-line-starters and a timer. The first starter is used to connect one winding of the motor across the line. The starting current from one winding will be about 50% of the starting current if both windings were connected. The starting torque is correspondingly 50%.

Enhanced Overload protection is available using Symcom 777, Motortronics and FE Submonitor electronic overloads.

The PWP series panel comes standard enclosed in a NEMA 3R UL listed enclosure with Heat Guard finish.

A heavy duty flanged disconnect switch is provided to eliminate door closure issues with rotary type through the door disconnects.

30 mm Heavy Duty Selector Switches, Pilot Lights and Push Buttons are standard on the PWP to meet the rugged demands of water industry.


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PWP Series NEMA 3R Pump Panel

Quoted Price

  • NEMA type 3R UL carbon steel enclosure w/Heat Guard solar white powder coating finish, full foam in place gasket hinged door with provision for a padlock, keypad sun shield with provision for a padlock
  • 122 °F(50°C) outside temperature , non direct sunlight
  • Heavy duty flange fusible or circuit breaker disconnect switch
  • Optional TYPE 1 Surge Arrestor w/status indications
  • Heavy Duty HOA and Start Push Button
  • NEMA Starter
  • NEMA full voltage magnetic motor starters
  • Solid state overload relays with selectable trip class that provides phase loss and phase unbalance protection
  • Transition timing relay adjustable 0.05 seconds interval. Factory set at 1.0 seconds
  • Optional Advanced Overloads
  • Fuses sold separately and are application specific